About Me

Fun facts about me and my "Herban" farmstand:

  • I'm 9 years old, and in 4th Grade

  • I've always liked farming - planting our garden and choosing the vegetables to pick, and harvesting the fruits from our trees

  • Last year, we created the neighborhood.farm with the help of my dad. We raised $200 for Tony's Treehouse, I saved some, and I bought Legos!

  • I came up with the name "Herban Farm" all on my own!

  • I always price my produce less than what's at the store. And...

    • 20% of what I earn goes to my favorite local charity Tony's Treehouse (my mom says that 100% of what I donate goes directly to local families that need it).

    • 30% goes to my savings account.

    • 50% goes to whatever I want! Right now my 10th birthday and a video game!

Thanks for helping me support Tony's Treehouse and save for my goals!